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Customer Testimonials
We were unable to get funding from the banks or anyone because we were only in business 6 months, however, Alternative Capital was able to get us funding & I'm now using a second renewal loan.
Jerry Hinton, Allstar Karate

Alternative Capital has saved my business from going afloat by lending us in excess of $100,000 and stood by us time & time again.
Blenda Deberry- Jon Ric Spa

Testimonials Through Our Affiliate Site ICS

Michelle Mitchell
Oakland CA
“The Business Suite has been a lifesaver on all levels, I’m going to have the money that I need for the things that I need for my business!”
Hi I’m Michelle, I'm at Sacramento CA, I was just sitting here and I was going through my Business Suite and I was thinking I should, I should say something to them because this has been a lifesaver on all levels you know just getting my LLC up and running, having advisors there to call when I need them, emailing and they actually emailing me back that’s fantastic. Anyway I just wanted to do a testimonial let you guys know that hey I do appreciate it, I can't wait to see all of my results that I’m going to get I can already see it right now so makes a big difference. I know that I am going to be able to grow my business, I know I’m going to have the money that I need for the things that I need for my business so that’s wonderful. Anyway, thank you, Ty and everybody else at the Business Finance Suite.